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Our Current Programs in Haiti 

The HERO Foundation is committed to creating ways to lift the Haitian medical and security systems to meet the needs of all citizens. We are active in the hospital, pre-hospital, disaster and police agencies of Haiti, and we provide unique solutions to support these sectors in ways that meet both the immediate needs and long term goals for the future betterment of the country.

Here are the projects we are currently working on in Haiti:



Emergency Medical Services

HERO Foundation supports the free rescue work provided to the poor by our partner HERO Client Rescue SA. HERO is the first and only ACLS ground ambulance service in the country, and the program has become the highest level of pre-hospital care in the entire region of the Caribbean. 


Police Training

Our team provides targeted combat survival training to the Haitian National Police. These courses are based on the TCCC model, and adapted to meet the direct needs and the threats our police face daily in Haiti. We provide CAT tourniquets and IFAK's to each police officer we train.  

Our instructor team is also able to conduct courses in Armored Convoy Operations, Use of Force, Chemical Munitions, Interrogations, Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, and Advanced Application Firearms. 




Ground Truth 

Ground Truth is a radically pragmatic division of the HERO Foundation managed by our advanced team of former U.S. special forces, full time emergency managers, SAR professionals, communication and geospatial experts and remote medical personnel - all members of this division are thoroughly experienced in Haiti specifically, many of whom work in Haiti full time and can pre-position in advance of some events.  Ground Truth provides a critical gap coverage during disasters, to support the US Military and other foreign aid agencies in the first 2 weeks of a major incident.  


Sierra Medical Center

HERO Foundation is actively participating in developing the country's first Level II Trauma Center network, with the capacity of advancing our International Telemedicine program while building an innovative Physician Management structure that will provide critical services to not only the patients, but also to the Doctors of Haiti. Our first centers are Sierra Medical Center, and Sierra Children's, currently being developed in Petionville. Additionally, HERO is collaborating to implement the country’s first network of Mobile Medical Exam Units.

Doctor's Clinic
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