HERO Needs List

If you can help HERO obtain anything on this list or you have access to something else you believe we can use, please email: heroclientrescue@gmail.com 

  • Adult io needles for ez-io gun

  • ez-IO guns

  • IV administration sets

  • cPAP

  • Nebulizer

  • Incubator

  • Baby transport pod

  • Baby transport restraints for stretcher

  • Lifepak 12 accessories (we have the 5 of the life packs, need more connections for them, BP, o2 sat, etc)

  • ECG electrodes for life packs

  • Adult and peds traction splints

  • VHF and UHF radios

  • o2 sat / heart rate monitors

  • Stethoscopes

  • Bags of saline/ in fluids and 5%

  • Dextrose glucose testing kits and strips

  • McGrath Mac video intubation

  • Restrictive motion wraps for peds

  • King LT tubes

  • King vision intubation set

  • Small filing towers w/drawers for trucks Infant, pedi manual BP cuff

  • Ambulances 

  • Fire Trucks

  • Zodiac watercraft

  • Ambulance service parts (air/fuel filters, etc)

  • O2 Tanks various sizes 

  • Body bags 

***NO Rx or OTC Medications can be accepted. We purchase meds per our protocols. 

And all other basic line supplies found on an ambulance are needed, ongoing, always...

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