We are extremely thankful for our partnership with HERO

This week we want to thank another one of our great in country partners, HERO . HERO Client Rescue is an organization that we hate to have to use, but when it’s necessary, a lifesaving resource. HERO is an ambulance service that has helped us transport our littlest patients many times over the past year.

If another organization has a sick child that needs to get to the recovery center HERO is always willing to transport them and their caregiver to us.

HERO also provides transports for children from the recovery center to other hospitals when they need more treatment than we are able to provide.

We have even been able to rely on HERO to help us get very fragile children to and from specialist appointments. It’s always a relief to be able to have their EMTs and paramedics accompany our very sick little ones, and know that they are getting the very best care available

We are extremely thankful for our partnership with HERO because it allows us to receive children who are too sick to come to our recovery center on their own, and it allows us to transport children and parents to local hospitals in a swift manner to receive life saving care.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership, HERO team!

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