Letter from HERO founder/CEO

HERO is urgently seeking a Children's Hospital to sponsor our Pediatric Ambulance.

Please allow me to introduce to you our very unique pediatric medical rescue program in Haiti. We are the only USA standard ambulance and emergency rescue service in the country capable of 24/7, all weather rescue

Our HERO Foundation is primarily run by USA combat military veterans, USA police and USA Fire/EMS with prehospital medical credentials. We are significantly under funded, with our sustainability for both our HERO Foundation and Corporate branches currently being carried by our business side - which sells a low cost private 911-type service to those who can afford it in Haiti, typically the business class and tourism industries. Even with this growing sustainability model, we need and will ALWAYS need support of the generous individuals and organizations who share our passion of saving lives and responding to crisis.

HERO is currently responding to many emergency calls everyday, with the overwhelming majority of these calls being NICU and PICU emergencies that require specifically our service, since we are the only 24/7 ALS capable transport provider in the entire country. We have decided last year to dedicate at least one unit to NICU/PICU, and we have the ambulance vehicle/staff and medications to accomplish this, however we are lacking just about every piece of equipment, and what supplies we carry are running low and are typically unavailable for quick restock in Haiti. We need your help. We currently have no official sponsor for this pediatric unit, and once fully equipped it will not only be the first and only ALS pediatric rescue unit for Haiti, but also for the entire region.

HERO can accept any and all pediatric related hospital, ambulance, NICU/PICU specific transport equipment, supplies and even medical volunteer support and training materials/supplies/dummies. We have the legal standing in the USA to provide donation receipts for these items in required by your organization. We gladly accept all working expired equipment, vehicles and supplies, the only support we cannot accept are any medications (these are all sourced in Haiti per our protocols).

Anything you have access to that HERO cannot use on our ambulances, but that can be used in another medical program in Haiti, we will accept and secure its delivery to an appropriate service that not only needs it but that can also financially sustain it.

The pediatric ambulance rescue service we are creating will always be a free service to all children that need our help in Haiti. Please help us get from using air-activated hand warmers to having access to actual incubators...from barely holding onto 3 pound preemies in our hands on treacherous roads to having legitimate, secure transport pods and restraints...Anything you have sitting on the shelf that can no longer be used in your system, please, please consider sending to us. From band-aids to ventilators and everything in between.

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