Samuel Busch

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Samuel is an EMT from Suttgart, Germany. After working as an EMT on ALS and BLS units units, he decided to join paramedic school and has already finished the first half. He has already worked in Tanzania and Haiti as an EMT and is looking forward for his second deployment to Haiti and we welcome him back! 

Devin Groves

Devin is a paramedic from California. He has spent the last 7 years in the United States Air Force working in emergency medicine. During his service, he has 5 years of EMS education and teaching students at both the EMT and Paramedic levels. Devin has served multiple trips in Haiti and is currently out Director of Education. While he has been away from Haiti he has been developing EMT and Paramedic treatment protocols and creating systems for HERO to use and improve EMS operations. 

Nadia Van der Heyden

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Nadia is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic from Vancouver, Canada with 17 years experience in pre-hospital care. In 2018/2019 she volunteered for five deployments with HERO and is currently our Medical Director and Volunteer Coordinator. Nadia loves teaching and mentoring junior Medics/EMT’s while providing excellent care in this challenging environment.

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