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The HERO Foundation is currently accepting volunteers for police survival training courses in 2022. We also have volunteer opportunities available for EMS professionals to join our 911 ambulance teams in Haiti, support our Acute Care Centers and join our front line unit in disaster response.

To apply, please be a qualified LEO, Military Veteran, EMS / Emergency Medical professional with verifiable experience and current licenses. You need to commit to a minimum week long rotation. In country travel and in country expenses (housing, security, meals, etc) are covered by HERO. Flights to Haiti can be covered in needed. 


Frequently Asked Questions from Volunteer Applicants: 


Can Basic Life Support (BLS) EMTs and First Responders (Firefighters and Police) apply?
Yes! Please apply!

Can NON-MEDICAL, "general" volunteers apply?

We accept non-medical military veterans and the public servants who are able to assist in other important areas that help keep our mission running successfully. Non-medical "general" volunteers who do not have a military or public services background are not needed at this time. 

Can RNs, Doctors and other medical professionals apply?

Yes, if you have pre-hospital 911 experience. If you are more experienced in a hospital setting, there are other medical programs in Haiti that would be more suited to utilize your services. (check out Medishare for Haiti). We are in the process of opening 3 new acute care centers, which we will open volunteer positions for soon. 

What is the minimum time I can volunteer?
Two weeks is the preferred minimum, however we do accept volunteers for shorter periods.

Do you need a passport?
Yes, always when traveling to/from Haiti. Please ensure your passport is not within 6 months of expiry. 

Which EMS Protocols do we follow?
HERO has EMT (BLS) and Paramedic (ALS) protocols developed specifically for the nature of work encountered in Haiti. You will be sent a copy once confirmed through the application process. If HERO's protocols exceed your license scope you are expected to always stay within the boundaries of your home license level. You will be working under your home
standards of care, professional appearance, and code of ethics.

Do we accept volunteers from any country?
Yes, please apply!

What is HERO’s average call volume?
On average, each station receives 1 to 5 calls per day, including inter-facility transfers and medevacs in various aircraft. We are expanding to create 3 new acute care centers, which will see an 
unpredictable amount of patients daily. 

Who will I be working with on the ambulance?
You will be working with one Haitian driver/EMR and one Haitian EMT (BLS). The local HERO
crew is here to guide you, translate for you, and assist medically.

What is the weather like?
Average high temperature is 90 degrees (32 C) during the day. It can get to 110 degrees (43 C)
and humid in the summer.

How does the application process work?
Please apply online at . Once approved post reference check, the Volunteer
Coordinator will confirm your dates, and then you can purchase your plane ticket and travel
insurance (travel insurance with medical evacuation coverage is required). HERO Foundation may use donated funds to reimburse you for the flight if you are unable to contribute this funding. 

How do I purchase travel insurance?
Purchase your short term travel, medical, and evacuation coverage, as available in your home
country. This insurance costs approximately $26-$36 for two weeks of coverage, and can often
be purchased as an addition to your airline ticket, or through sites like or Please check your countries travel warning status prior to purchasing insurance.

How will airport transportation work?
We provide all needed transportation for you while with HERO in Haiti. For your safety and the safety of our team and the community, you may not leave our bases of operations without your unit and authorization for any reason. This is not the time or place for individual exploration or tourism during your time off. If you are interested in coming to enjoy the country in a tourist capacity, please do so on an entirely separately booked trip and we strongly recommend waiting until the country is in better security conditions so you do not put yourself or our team at risk. 

What will my daily expenses be?
Cafeteria food is available at some of our locations at no cost, however most foreigners coming to Haiti prefer to order from the American style take-out that is available. There are supermarkets with all products and options you are used to in USA, and you will have a kitchen to prepare meals yourself if you'd like. Plan on spending a minimum of $10 per day for food expenses. There are times when we go for team dinners, these events are covered by HERO. 

What is my role on the HERO team?
Your role as a volunteer will be to function as a team member on Hero ambulances, in our medical centers, or with the Foundation team in disaster response, or training the National Police of Haiti, or otherwise present at sponsored events, and any other situation for which HERO is required to respond and render aid. This work is designed to provide emergency medical services to the members of HERO and citizens of the country of Haiti, within the appropriate scope of practice of your license (ie. Paramedic, EMT, First Responder, MD, LEO Instructor...).

Contact Dylan, our Volunteer Coordinator  by email  and he will help you join the team in Haiti. 


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